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How to connect AD9528 Eval to AD9234 ADC

Question asked by NilsMinor on Apr 11, 2018
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I have the following setup:

AD9234-1000 Eval Board

AD9528 Evalboard



I need to test the AD9234 ADC for next development steps. I need some help in connecting the clock source from the AD9528 Eval to the AD9528 Clock generator. What outputs of the AD9528 should I use diferential or single line? And what setup do I need LVDS or HSTL?


The ADC Eval Board has no Clock on it like described in the Wiki but do I also only need to supply 1 GHz to REF Clock and Sample Clock? ( ) What about the amplitude  of the clock signal? I can not change the output of the AD9528 Board.


I also have problems by accessing the AD9234 via SPI while trying to upload an cfg file. I only have a cfg file for AD9680 is it the same?