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Flash programing  MCU ADuCM3029 and ADuCM360/ADuCM361

Question asked by Snus on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by mark.ramos

I have few question about flash programming Analog Devices Precision Microcontrollers.
First: There is any "factory erase" procedure or something like that for remove protection by SWD in ADuCM360/ADuCM361 microcontrollers?
Second:If i good understand for set read protection I must do it, in code after every reset , not once during flash programming in ADuCM360/ADuCM361 microcontrollers?


Third: I have problem with programing flash memory in ADuCM3029 microcontrloler. I wrote procedure for programing memory, but when i try read flash memory via SWD i lost connection. I noticed that when I try to read the memory after programming, bit FLCC_POR_SEC is set and this is problem, but i dont know why that bit is set. After use mass erase procedure i can again read memory.