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CVBS differential cable for evaluation board "EVAL-ADV7281A-M".

Question asked by Tamu on Apr 11, 2018
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I have a question about differential cable for evaluation board "EVAL-ADV7281A-M".


This device supports full or pseudo differential CVBS input.

The "EVAL-ADV7281A-M" documents are as follows:

I think we can evaluate differential CVBS input with this board.
The UG-1173.pdf says as follows on page 3.
Configuring AIN3 and AIN4 for Differential CVBS
To configure AIN3 and AIN4 to receive differential CVBS, make the following resistor changes on the evaluation board:
1.Replace Resistor R11 and Resistor R12 with 1.3 kΩresistors.
2.Replace Resistor R4 and Resistor R10 with 430 Ω resistors.
3.Replace Resistor R32 with a 75 Ω resistor for pseudodifferential CVBS or with a 150 Ω resistor for fullydifferential CVBS.
4.Connect the positive input to AIN3 and the negative inputto AIN4.


But the connecters are RCA. I think it's generally used for single-end CVBS.


 What kind of cable do you suppose for differential CVBS input evaluation with the "EVAL-ADV7281A-M" ?
 UTP(Unshielded Twist Pair) or STP(Shielded Twist Pair) cable? Don't you suppose UTP or STP cable?


Thank you!
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