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ADP5091-1-EVALZ 输入电流 input current

Question asked by Lciendf on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Kevin.Yao

你好,有个关于ADP5091-1-EVALZ的使用问题。我更换了Rsd1,2和Rterm1,2  提高了超级电容充放电上下限,使用稳压电源作为输入时,输入电流加载后最高在100mA,是不是进入了CURRENT-LIMIT,如何改变输入电流大小,提高功率。


Google translation:

Hello, there is a question about the use of the ADP5091-1-EVALZ. I replaced the Rsd1,2 
and Rterm1,2 to increase the upper and lower limits of the supercapacitor charge and
discharge. When using the regulated power supply as the input, the input current is
loaded up to 100mA.
Is it the CURRENT-LIMIT? How to change the input current? power.