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AD9371 Reference Design of ZCU102

Question asked by BaoZ on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by CsomI


Currently I'm using VIVADO2017.4. I want to create the AD9371 Reference Design of ZCU102 by running the tcl file. There are some errors occur.


### ad_ip_instance util_dacfifo $dac_fifo_name
WARNING: [Coretcl 2-175] No Catalog IPs found
ERROR: [BD 41-74] Exec TCL: Please specify VLNV when creating IP cell axi_ad9371_dacfifo
ERROR: [BD 5-7] Error: running create_bd_cell  -type ip -name axi_ad9371_dacfifo .
ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'create_bd_cell' failed due to earlier errors.


    while executing
"create_bd_cell -type ip -vlnv [get_ipdefs -all -filter "VLNV =~ *:${i_ip}:* &&  design_tool_contexts =~ *IPI* && UPGRADE_VERSIONS == \"\""] ${i_name}"
    (procedure "ad_ip_instance" line 3)
    invoked from within
"ad_ip_instance util_dacfifo $dac_fifo_name"
    (file "E:/hdl_master/projects/common/xilinx/dacfifo_bd.tcl" line 8)


    while executing
"source $ad_hdl_dir/projects/common/xilinx/dacfifo_bd.tcl"
    (file "E:/hdl_master/projects/adrv9371x/zcu102/system_bd.tcl" line 8)


    while executing
"source E:/hdl_master/projects/adrv9371x/zcu102/system_bd.tcl"
    (procedure "adi_project_xilinx" line 101)
    invoked from within
"adi_project_xilinx adrv9371x_zcu102"
    (file "E:/hdl_master/projects/adrv9371x/zcu102/system_project.tcl" line 7)
update_compile_order -fileset sources_1


How should I run the tcl file correctly to create the whole project?

Thank you.