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Dual core Integration code[SH0 & SH1]

Question asked by ashokkumarpalli on Apr 11, 2018

Dear Team,

          We had Integrated SigmaStudio related files and code in my Framework under Core 2 section only as per Integration document in SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel3.8.0[AE_03_SS4G_IntegrationGuide.pdf]. It is working fine and we observed the output in SigmaStudio 3.15 tool by using a simple volume control project with single core[SHARC1].

         If we are trying to Integrate the same SS Integration code by some modifications in place of SHARC1 with SHARC0 for Core1 of my Framework it is not able to process and been in code under adi_ss_comm_Init stage. You can find the attachment for this error. Could you please help in this?

      Could you please share the Integration code of SigmaStudio which need to be run for dual core.