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ADV7181C 480i YPrPb In 12Bit RGB DDR, setting?

Question asked by on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by PoornimaSubramani

hi, i using the adv7181C my own board.


My system needs to receive various inputs.(1080i , 720p , 480i, 480p)

The 1080i and 720p inputs are currently working well.

Currently my system detects the input to STDI and changes the PRIM_MODE and VID_STD registers.

(1080i : PRIM_MODE = 0x01, VID_STD  = 0x0c, 720p : PRIM_MODE = 0x01, VID_STD  = 0x0a)


BUT, when input is  480i or 480p,  do not work.



if i want 480i/p YprPb in, 12bit RGB DDR out, 

What registers should I change?



In this document, someone answered that PRIM_MODE and VID_STD are for free run mode, is this true?




thank you.