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ADM3260 VSEL internal reference

Question asked by naohisa on Apr 11, 2018
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I would like to use ADM3260.

So, I have two questions. Please help me.


Question1:How about setting VISO?


About the setting of VISO,

Using Rtop and Rbottom resistors, is written in the data sheet.

Depending on the values of the two resistors, calculate by equation (1).


About 1.23 in equation (1),

I guess that it is the reference voltage of the internal error amplifier.

I think that VISO is adjusted by comparing this reference voltage with the applied voltage of VSEL.

Is this guess correct?


Question2:What Is VSEL internal reference's accuracy?


If Question 1 is correct,

What is the accuracy of the internal reference voltage?

Equation (1) contains 1.23 V, VSEL pin description is 1.25 V.


Data sheet have not written precision and min value, max value, so it will be appreciated if you can tell me.


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