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ADIS16490 gyro saturation behaviour

Question asked by fyhn on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by bryne

The datasheet states that the gyro of the ADIS16490 has a dynamic range of +/- 100 deg/sec. My understanding is that that means that measure accurate angular velocity within that range, but with no guarantee outside of it. I'm experiencing odd saturation-like behaviour when I'm near the limits. The output, computed as (delta angles * sample rate), seems to "stick" to +/- 44 deg/sec when the sensor is rotating fast. The output also seems to never exceed roughly 80 deg/sec. I'll attach a timeseries, where I've rotated the sensor around the x axis by hand, slowly at first and then faster.


What is the expected behaviour near the limits of the dynamic range, and what do you make of the readings I get?