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LTC4015 Demo board issues

Question asked by Kengo on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Zack

Hi team,


We tested the demo board, have some  Quarries on demo board 2039A mentioned below,


Without battery and load: (We had made necessary changes to select Li-Ion 7cells at Cells0,1,2 and Also followed manual as well)


  •       We did simple test by giving 5V and 12V at the input, We were getting the voltage at the output.  When we checked at the PC, we were able to see the changes in the input voltage.
  •       When we gave 24V at the input to check the output before connecting the battery, LTC4015 went bad, we don’t know, why the IC went bad.  We didn’t even connect the battery.

Ideally the system should work even there is no battery connected.  Please clarify.

  •     Do we’ve to change any other setting before switching on the board (Other than cell0,1 & 2 for the battery)
  •      Before applying external supply to input on demo board, Do we’ve to do any Register settings from the PC  - 2039A?


Thanks in advance