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How to use AD7124 to measure Load cell having 2mv/V and excitation voltage of 5-12V

Question asked by muthusms on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by JellenieR


Thing is that I need to measure 3Kg load cell using AD7124. I had already worked with AD7124 for RTD and Thermocouple measurements and got the best accuracy in it.The confusing parameters for Load cell measurements are 2mV/V and excitation volatage  of 5-12V.As we know, to use ratiometric measurement, both ADC reference and Load cell reference has to be same.Obiviosly, AD7124 does not support anything above 3.3V.


If we give 5V excitation  to Load cell, we will get 10mV output from load cell for 3Kg which is maximum.So, for maximum of 10mV input to ADC, what should be the gain setting?. I know that setting maximum gain will reduce input range.But, I want to know if it will reduce accuracy.


Do let us know....