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Question asked by ddevries on Apr 9, 2018
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Question - Where can I download LT's FilterCAD software?


I have been asked to use an LTC1067 universal filter building block to create a band-pass filter.  The LTC1067 data sheet states:

"Choosing the proper mode(s) for a particular application is not trivial and involves much more than just adjusting the fCLK/fO ratio. Listed here are six of the nearly twenty modes available. To make the design process simpler and quicker, Linear Technology has developed the FilterCADTM for Windows® design software. FilterCAD is an easy-to use, powerful and interactive filter design program. The designer can enter a few filter specifications and the program produces a full schematic. FilterCAD allows the designer to concentrate on the filter’s transfer function and not get bogged down in the details of the design."


When I search for FilterCAD on the AD website, I get no results.  I find that there is a Filter Wizard available on the AD site, but I have been so far unable to convince it to select the LTC1067, nor do I know if it will do for me what LT claimed FilterCAD would do if I could get it to use the LTC1067.