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Output Problems on ADV7180WBST48Z

Question asked by tony.yu on Dec 9, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2011 by GuenterL

Using Automotive Grade Chip ADV7180wbst48z

Input  YC  (Pal_G from PC graphic ): input on Ain3 and Ain6

Output Ycrcb


After config the registers as belowing,  I got the  ycrcb data stream.

I can detect  the head signal and the end signal as ff 00 00 xx .  (in chipscope )

But the valid data seems not right .they are 80 10 80 10 80 10 .....(repeat)

I know if i do not config the register 0x0c .its  default value make the chip output a blue screem (free run mode ).

So i changed its value to 34.which disable its free run mode

But its remaining output the 80 10 80 10.....


anyone any suggestion on this issue .thank u !


Addr      ==     Value

0x00      ==     0x08

0x04      ==     0x57

0x31      ==     0x02

0x36      ==     0xc9

0x3d      ==     0xa2

0x3e      ==     0x6a

0x3f       ==     0xa0

0x58      ==     0x04

0x0e      ==     0x80

0x55      ==     0x81

0x0e      ==     0x00

0x0c      ==     0x34

0xc3      ==     0x36

0xc4      ==     0x80