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About using labview and visual analog

Question asked by Kimtaehyung on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by TomMac

Hi, I have some questions about between labview and visual analog.


Now, I'm using ug293(ad9613) and hsc-adc-evalcz board. I using Hadboardsupport for labview coding, and fpga coding for xilinx.


The quesiton is,


1. First, I programmed fpga code with xilinx which I made. And then I use labview for DAQ, and it was normal. But when I run Visual Analog (without spicontrol no configuration, the DAQ was normal at this too) and then use labview, there was a problem at labview. So I need to reprogram the fpga again.


Is there a something configuration change at visual analog software?


2. The DAQ about labview and visual analog.


I reference the matlab code that separating the data array to odd and even array and then multiply even array 256, after that adding the odd and even array.


And then I made the system interpret raw data as two's complement. The raw data was similarly came out, but interpret data was crack at peak(the sine wave came out as trapezoid after 10MHZ). But when I do the visual analog, the data was clear.


So, first I thought my system was wrong. So I used visual analog, as like this.



at picture, 57805 and -0.3685.... came out same. I transferred 57805 to binary, it was 1110000111001101 and I cutoff the MSB for negative, and to left to right I calculated, -(1-(0.5+0.25+0.125+.....)) . it was not same data.


So my question is, does it  get different when I use data router at visual analog? Or do I need to do some data change for two's complement to decimal? 


Sorry for short English.


Thank you,