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Question asked by SteΠ on Apr 9, 2018


i have some truble with propper matching the ADL5606.
Is there any diffrent of the electrical propertys between the Demo-Board ADL5606 (from ADL5606-EVAL ) and the ADL5606 ? There are different case versions (see Pictures).


LFCSP version


ADL5606-EVAL with diffrend packaging.


Have these diffrend packages diffrend thermal resistances for the EP? I also have some truble with overheating at my own design .

Also: How shuld be the NC pads are connectet to? In the Datasheet are diffrend recommendations: at "SOLDERING INFORMATION AND RECOMMENDED PCB LAND PATTERN" is a propper connection for all NC - Pins to GND recommended.

At "PIN CONFIGURATION AND FUNCTION DESCRIPTIONS" says " Do not connect to this pin." for all NC - Pins (5-8, 13-16).


Is there any PCB stackup for the EVAL-Board available? I'd did not found any informations of layer and cupper plate thickness of the EVAL-Board in the ADL5606 Datasheet or in the Gerber files.


Thank you in advanced,