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ADE9000 calibration problem at lower values

Question asked by Shubham006 on Apr 9, 2018
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I am using ADE9000 IC.

I am calibrating it using ADE9000 _Calibration_Tool_Rev0 provided by AD. I am calibrating it by using following gain registers:- 


For Input to the IC I am using Relay Test Kit (Ponovo make).

After calibration here are my following observations:-

1. For lower values of current and voltage, I am not getting Class 2 accuracy at Frequency 50 Hz

2. When I change the frequency up to 49.5/50.5 Hz, %error in the values I am getting about 1-2% 

3. Also, i want to calibrate phase angles, but the formulas or method in the calibration sheet and data sheet(UG-1098) both are different.

4. I want to know the calibration method of Waveform buffer values, i didn't found any formulae to convert the counts of WFB values into actual values


Please take a look at it niranjan niranjan ade9000 #calibration