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Question asked by rudy93 on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by yuanyh

Hi all,


I am trying to communicate with two LTC2862A-2 transceiver IC's. I set te first one on Transmit mode (DE '1') and (RE '1') and the other one on receive (DE '0') and (RE '0') hard coded in the two microcontrollers attached to it. If I send data to the transmitter the output lines are very nice the opposite direction when switching from '0' to '1'. If I look at the receiver side the receiver output pin "RO" is always high and will only drop 800mV with a zero. This drop is too little to be considered as a zero by the mircrocontroller. Attached some pictures, The pull up and down resistors are not placed, I set the DE and RE with the microcontroller.