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PMOD on Zynq 706 board

Question asked by ccruztorre on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by ccruztorre

Hi , 

I have a question about the PMOD . I am using ZYNQ 706 board PMOD ports (PMOD1_3 and PMOD1_7) in order to connect two external signal. Both ports are defined in zc706_system_constr.xdc as followed:

set_property PACKAGE_PIN AB16 [get_ports escal]
set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25 [get_ports escal]

set_property PACKAGE_PIN AC19 [get_ports escal2]
set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25 [get_ports escal2]

After bit file was generated, the design was tested using two input signals (25.V 125Khz and 250Khz), but the design does not appear to recognise both signals.How could be possible to check PMOD? Do I need to add the PMOD to my block design?