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ADV7511 on ZC702 constraint file editing problem.

Question asked by Learner123 on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by larsc

Hello Everyone ,

                   I am trying to implement a project where i store RGB values in SD CARD and transfer it to DDR  so that ADV7511 can display it on monitor.i have used the RTL files which are available but they are designed for ZED BOARD.but i am using ZC702 so i need to edit the constraint file.

                 so when i look into the user guide  i have seen all the constraint options mentioned. but i am not able to figure out what i should keep LOC value for hdmi_sda and hdmi_scl  which are the pins 55 and 56 of ADV57511. in my LOC file i am not able to generate the bitstream file.

In the user guide of ADV7511 it is mentioned that it should be connected to I2C master. but it is already done in instantiation of i2c master code in the driver code.


if you look into the zedboard userguide 


those values are mentioned as AA18 and Y16.please suggest me about how to progress.


thank you.