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ADAU1701 TCP/IP Info and Implementation

Question asked by MK_Sounds on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by aventuri

Hi all,


I'm using a custom board with the ADAU1701 DSP for a streaming player with integrated 3-way crossover and some EQs, digitally sourced by a Raspberry Pi (I2S).

Programming with the USBi works just fine. I routed the I2C to a header, so I can change the program with the USBi. But therefore I always have to open the case of the streamer.

Now I was wondering if there is another possibility to program over I2C, considering that the Raspberry also has an I2C interface. After a quick research i found the possibility to do so over a TCP/IP block in Sigma Studio.


Therefore, I compiled the SigmaDSP Network Utility for Linux (Link) on the Raspberry and tried to connect. The connection is working, as the terminal says that a new connection was found. But downloading the firmware via Link Compile Download didn't succeed. It seems that the tool is kind of hanging, because nothing takes place in the terminal of the RPi.

I searched if someone else already has that TCP/IP block working with an ADAU1701. The only hit I got was a thread vom 2017: adau1701-and-sigmatcp-header-mismatch.

I also tried the modifications mentioned in the thread, but that didn't solve the issue.


Is there any documentation on the TCP/IP block for the ADAU1701 ? Has anyone already got that to work on a Raspberry (or other Linux platform) ?

Is it intended that real-time-programming (e.g. volume sliders) over TCP will be supported ?



Kind regards, Markus.