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ADXL355/357 non-existent stock levels

Question asked by AndrewC on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by AndrewC

Hi, I am using the ADXL355BEZ or ADXL357BEZ in a design (I can use either, the processor selects automatically). Late last year (2017), stock levels for both of these parts completely disappeared, across the planet. I managed to get the last 21 in the UK, which was just about enough to tide me over until March/April time, when the Analog Devices website listed the lead time (it was originally February and steadily moved out to April).


I came back to check today and the expected date is now the 18th October 2018! There is still no stock available anywhere (checking via the Analog site, Octopart and distributors' own sites) and I was hoping someone knew what was going on. The parts are both listed as "Recommended for new designs" which doesn't make sense since ADI doesn't seem to be manufacturing them! I now have a design for which I have orders which I cannot fulfil as the stock forecasts have just jumped back 6 months!


Is there any realistic expectation that ADI will ever make any more of these parts?