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Question asked by siddh4nt on Apr 6, 2018
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I am having some doubts regarding FMC Connector which I want to clarify here. I have checked out schematics of FMCOMMS2/3/4/5 and read on Analog Device website these are having LPC FMC Connector. Now I need one Zynq MPSOC Evaluation board to connect my carrier board to AD9364 prototype platform available on AD Website. I found two kind of FMC connectors i.e LPC and HPC, I'm still exploring what is the difference between these two. My concern is that if Evaluation board is having HPC FMC, would it support FMCOMMS2/3/4/5. or I should check for the evaluation board which is having LPC FMC connector.


If anyone could guide me in this direction, it would be a great help for me to make selection of MPSOC Evaluation board.


Thanking you.


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