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How to load IQ file in DPG downloader?

Question asked by LCr on Apr 5, 2018
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I bought the AD9172 EBZ and the ADS7v2.

I'm trying to generate data with the DAC. It works fine with the DPG-generated waveforms, but when I want to load my own file, the results are not quite what I was looking for.


I think that I get the problem : when DPG downloads a waveform, I need to check 'Generate Complex data (I&Q)' and uncheck 'Unsigned data', in way to see a single ray.

Indeed the DAC needs I and Q data for each channelizer. So, after checking the data mapping in the JESD204 transport layer, I tried to make one single file with both I and Q data (which I got from DPG 'Save to file' option) interleaved. The results are still not correct.


Furthermore, in the DPG help, I can see that multichannel files are not supported. Does that mean that I cannot send data to my DAC from a file? If not, how can I send I and Q to the DAC?

If this is a limitation of DPG, how to send your own data to the AD9172 (from a file)?


Thank you in advance