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Is there a lower limit on the maximum charging current for the LT8490?

Question asked by scirocco on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by Tage

We are evaluating the LT8490 as the battery charge controller for a system which contains two 12-volt SLA batteries connected in series.  Each battery is rated at 0.8AH and the maximum bulk charging current is 0.24 amps per the battery datasheet.  Using the equations in the LT8490 datasheet we came up with the following changes for the DC2069A demo board.  However, it did not work with these changes.  Does the LT8490 support applications where charging current limit IOUT(MAX) is as low as .24 amps?


The following resistors were changed for the current limit:


R57 from 0.003Ω to .2Ω

R49 from 124kΩ to 75kΩ

R65 from 30.1kΩ to 36.5kΩ


The following resistor was changed for 24V battery:

R13 from 113kΩ to 226kΩ