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Manually generate sequence file

Question asked by ChristianGr on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by ChristianGr

Hello Everyone,

For my project I would like to read the coefficients from my DSP via a microcontroller and import them into Sigma Studio as a sequence file (please see Import Parameter to Sigma Studio). Therefore the sequence file cannot be generated by Sigma Studio, but by a script.

Is there documentation about the sequence file available to help solving the following questions (I could not find anything beside a general description)?

  1. The file generated by Sigma Studio contains several "writeSafeload" instructions. Each has only one parameter (with 4 bytes). This applies for single parameters (e.g. for a switch), but also for the 5 coefficients of a Filter (each has its own line). Does Sigma Studio internally concatenate the 5 entries of a filter and writes them as a single safeload?
  2. Is it correct that the commands "writexbytes", "writesingle", "writesafeload", "delay", "pllwait", "noop" and "end" (from tool sigmadsp-genfirmware) are available? Is there more detail about the functionality of the commands available?
  3. Could I always use a "writesafeload" instead of a "writesingle"?
  4. Why is the number in the len, by 2, higher than the number of bytes that shall be written (instruction writeSafeload and writeXbyte)?