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Migrating a Keil uVision3 ADUC7026 Project To uVision5

Question asked by aambriz on Apr 3, 2018
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I currently have a control unit which utilizes an ADUC7026 mcu and was programmed via the JTAG interface, utilizing Keil uVision 3 as the IDE. This is a legacy project which needs to remain "just as it has been for the last 8 years" until I can develop a comparable control unit. Long story short, the programming for the ADUC was done with a machine running Windows 7 run in XP Mode which runs the original ADUC7026 develpment kit software and Keil uVision 3. Unfortunately, this machine has crashed and I am looking to be able to compile the existing uVision 3 project in the latest version of uVision which I have already downloaded (as well as the legacy device support package). Perhaps a separate topic but also related, I am not sure if the existing JTAG interface (mIDAS-Link) will be supported in the latest version of uVision so any direction that can be provided there would be greatly appreciated.


Attached you will find the project and supporting files. Thank you in advance.