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IIO Oscilloscope FMCDAQ HDL 2017_r1 and Vivado 2017.4

Question asked by jeremyW on Apr 3, 2018
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I have a ZC706 and FMCDAQ2.  I'm building analog_devices_hdl 2017_r1 branch using Vivado 2017.4 and trying to use IIO Oscilloscope that I built with linux_image_ADI-scripts/ at master · analogdevicesinc/linux_image_ADI-scripts · GitHub (latest 0c86ca4).  When I try a simple loopback test using IIO Oscilloscope, the application times out while waiting for samples using my build of the HDL & code.  dmesg shows that the drivers are happy with the pcore versions though.  Ie no version incompatibility is detected by the drivers.  


IIO Oscilloscope works with the reference design prebuilt (readme says hdl_2015_r2) SD card that shipped with the DAQ2.  So we the HW is good.


Here are the pcore versions as reported by IIO Oscilloscope:

Reference Design prebuilt on the SD card shipped with the DAQ2
9144 0x80062
9860 0x90062


2017_r1 Vivado 2017.4
9144 0x90062
9860 0xA0062


Do I need to get an old version of Vivado to build this thing?  Do I need to build the old version of HDL?  Can IIO Scope run on latest HDL build with Xilinx's latest tool chain?