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ADV7611 debugging encountered problems

Question asked by zz_x on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by GuenterL

Hello, ADI experts.


When using ADV7611WBSWZ chip, our company encountered difficulties in debugging, and now asked for help.


Description (ADV7611 configuring Freerun mode can work normally).


Description of the problem:


When the Q1, Q2 NMOS is not welded (the schematic diagram is attached), the EDID information is not configured, the image can be displayed, but the resolution is not correct (which requires the 1080P to be actually 720P).


After welding NMOS of Q1 and Q2, according to official documents, ADV7611 EDID (internal EDID) information is used, and the display has no image (Freerun mode is normal). (use oscilloscope to measure ADV7611 VSYNC, HSYNC, DE pin's irregular signal generation).


The schematic diagram, the register configuration program, is attached to the appendix. Thank!