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(ADA4432)To make Pseudo Differential output

Question asked by donadona999s on Apr 2, 2018
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Hi !


Our customer want to input Pseudo Differential CVBS to ADV7281A-M but they don't have the video source.

So they are thinking to make Pseudo Differential signal from single CVBS video source.

I was reading ADA4432's datasheet.

I understood that to common-mode rejection can be improved, using Figure 44 is better.

And at the next step, we want to chose the cable.



What kind of cable should our customer select?

When they select shield cable with 2 core(+IN and -IN), which signals should be connected to shield?

At this thread, it says don't connect Driver GND to shield.

Difference Between Pseudo Differential CVBS and Fully Differential CVBS 

"Do not connect the camera ground cable to the shield of the cables."

Can our customer connect ADA4830-1's GND to shield?



Can our customer use shield cable with one core and connect ADA4432-1's GND to shield and connect ADA4432 output to the core?

And connect shield to ADA4830's -IN and connect core to ADA4830's +IN and don't connect shield to ADA4830's GND?



If you have the best solution to connect Pseudo Differential, can you tell us how to connect?


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