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AD9524 power-down and normal operation setting

Question asked by bily on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by bily


I set AD9524 in power-down mode register 0x233 as follow:

power ON my PCBA (0x233 = 0x07 default) --> switch to normal operation(0x233 = 0x00) -->power-down (0x233 = 0x07) --> normal operation(0x233 = 0x00) success on most PCBA.

But a few of PCBA don’t work well:

power ON my PCBA (0x233 = 0x07 default) --> switch back to normal operation(0x233 = 0x00) --> I measure signal is good at AD9524 output --> power-down (0x233 = 0x07) --> normal operation(0x233 = 0x00) no signal at AD9524 output port.


I read register in these fail PCBA, 0x233 is 0x00 but the Readback reg. 0x22C is 0xE4 ( PLL1 and PLL2 unlock, normal PCBA is 0xE7)


I try to set software “reset” to fail AD9524 and set 0x233 = 0x00 again, AD9524 can output correct signal again.


I want to ask, is “reset” necessary between power-down and switch to normal operation process?