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Trouble with AD9739A-FMC-EBZ

Question asked by wldshy on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by saberbf

I got a AD9739A-FMC-EBZ from digi-key.

when I unpack it,I found it cannot be powered up for the  two un-mounted jumper JP1/2.

It seems like thisI have an AD9739A-FMC-EBZ and jumpers JP1 and JP2 are not installed.  Why is that?  Thank you. 

Then I shorted them,  and the board can be powered with 1.8/3.3V.


I use the AD9739A FMC Eval board with a FPGA KC705 board, jump P2 to FMC and switch S1 to ADF4350. Then it reads:


  ADI AD9739A-FMC-EBZ Reference Design
  AD9739A PART ID: 0x24
Error occurred during AD9739A setup.
Possible reason: wrong position of switch S1.

Exit application.


Then I debug and see where throw an exception, I found the MU of AD9739A cannot be locked!!!

At the same time, The ADF4350 locked normally.


And then I change the P1 to USB, plug the USB cable.I found the MCU seems not working. for the XCR1 blind and no any response when I plug the USB cable to computer.