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Loading the FIR coefficient

Question asked by s.kannan on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by DragosB

I want to load the FIR coefficient for our application of ad9364 with custom board. I generated filter coefficient uses MATLAB filter wizard and use the button "coefficient to no-os". It will generate a tx_fir_config structure which add it in main.c, after that I run the following sequence,


ad9361_init(&ad9361_phy, &default_init_param , (void*)handle);

ad9361_set_rx_fir_en_dis(ad9361_phy, 1);
ad9361_set_tx_fir_en_dis(ad9361_phy, 1);


And I got the following log message of failed to restore the state.



ad9361_init : AD936x Rev 2 successfully initialized
ad9361_load_fir_filter_coef: TAPS 128, gain 0, dest 3
Device is in a state, forcing to 5   // I was in FDD mode(A)
ad9361_load_fir_filter_coef: TAPS 128, gain -12, dest 131
Device is in b state, forcing to 5  //what is b state?
Failed to restore state
Could not restore to 11 ENSM state
ad9361_validate_enable_fir: TX FIR EN=1/TAPS128/INT4, RX FIR EN=1/TAPS128/DEC4
ad9361_set_trx_clock_chain: 1179648000 36864000 12288000 6144000 3072000 768000
ad9361_set_trx_clock_chain: 1179648000 36864000 12288000 6144000 3072000 768000
ad9361_bbpll_set_rate: Rate 1179647997 Hz Parent Rate 40000000 Hz


Why am I getting this failed to restore the state message?

The control is moving into an idle loop. Why is this happening?