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Output voltage range without external operational amplifier on AD7305 and operational sequenceI

Question asked by Maaziboy on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by isantos

Hi forum!

I have a simple application in which I want a output voltage range from -5V to +5V,

0x00 being -5V

0xFF being +5V

I have chosen AD7305 since I have a parallel interface on my micro-controller for this purpose

I am providing Vss as -5V,biasing the VDD with  +5V and Vref being +5V

can I get the required output voltage range with my specifications??

secondly I have gone through the datasheet and I have been able to understand that I can transparent output from DAC registers if I pull down the LDAC pin,all I have to do is first assign the desired address on the address lines A0 and A1 and then strobe the write pin to "high" logic long enough as per the data sheet timing specifications,

my question is that will the DAC retain the output voltage for channel A if I only change the address lines?