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Question asked by HOD on Mar 30, 2018
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I have a question,Please tell me about ADuM3160.

(1) PIN terminal
Is it a problem to think of it as a digital input terminal
Is it correct by recognizing that the upstream side is digitally switched in the isolated state with or without pull-up?

(2) Series termination resistance when used at full speed
When using the "PC board layout" of the data sheet at full speed, series terminating resistor 24 Ω ± 1% is required.

Should be placed close to the ADuM3160's terminal and matched to 90Ω ± 15% differential impedance

In CN - 0373, there is a circuit diagram without resistance on the downstream side.
It may be because there is a USB controller the most recently, but please tell me the condition that series terminating resistor is necessary / unnecessary.



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