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HMC6300/6301 about the frequency step

Question asked by ARE-ZY on Mar 30, 2018
Hi. Recently, our lab is planning to purchase the chips HMC6300/6301. However, here is some points that still puzzle us.
Firstly, we wonder if only 154MHz, 142MHz and 71MHz crystals are applicable for reference clock(REFCLK) or not? Because we notice that the frequency step is proportional to the REFCLK. We need a finer frequency step less than 100MHz, so is a lower frequency crystal(for example 40MHz) applicable to both chips?
Another question is that, it seems to be unknown to us about how the ROW20 and ROW22 register arrays control the operating frequency of chips. Or how to calculate the Divider/Typical band setting to obtain our desired frequency?
Anyway, these two chips satisfy our requirements to a great extent. If the frequency steps are fixed, we have to down-convert the IF. We just desire a more simple architecture.
Thank you very much.