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Plutosdr Hardware Test - please share your results

Question asked by exider on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by travisfcollins

Hi all,


Some background:

I am not experienced with RF. Have good general knowledge of electronics though, and bought the pluto to learn and play with RF. I received my pluto 2 weeks ago. Connected it to various programs under Linux and Windows . On the receiving end I didn't have much success (very few and weak signals) and thought that the bad results are antenna related and my lack of knowledge( which could still be the case). Purchased two rtl-sdr dongles so I can compare results and make some basic measurements (I don't have access to frequency analyser). and started playing mostly with the digital part of the board while awaiting the dongles.


Well, the dongles arrived and I was "very disappointed "to see the dongles perform orders of magnitude better and see lots of strong signals received with them.

I tried the "hack" and increased the range to 70Mhz - 6Ghz without any noticeable difference in the results. I can see the strong signals, like GSM Network at 920+Mhz but it behaves and feels like there is a filter in place.

I have tried the provided IIO-Scope and I am able to transmit and receive a tone at around 100Mhz but when connected to any of the popular sdr software packages I could not see a single FM station although there are few around with quite strong signal.


I would be grateful if anyone can provide a configuration for the ad9361/3/4 that i can load and try, or any hint or idea.  I understand that there are many unknown factors and many variables but there must be something  I can do to test the board.


I just want to ensure that my board function properly before diving deep in it and start implementing some of the things I have planned.



Comparison done with same settings.


       RTL-SDR at 455Mhz

    PlutoSDR at 455Mhz

RTL-SDR at 925MhzPlutoSDR at 925MhzRTLSDR at PlutoSDR at 930Mhz







I've tired LeanTRX , hopping it will rule out any fault. Nope, I didn't get a single channel to listen to.