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Matlab libiio (AD9361) only transfer and receive IQ data

Question asked by Quamstar on Mar 29, 2018
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I'am currently evaluating the matlab support for configuring, transfer and receive data from matlab to the AD9361. So far I understand the examples (fmcomms2/3 streaming example). I was wondering if there is a function that only transfers the IQ data without setting the configurations of the AD9361 (e.g. LO-Freq or Gain). I was monitoring the voltages and currents of the fmcomms3 and have seen that with any function call of stepimpl there is a drop of the current (like you are re-init the device). Funny thing is, that this does not happen when I run the simulink example.


So i would like to avoid setting the device configuration all the time when i call the stepimpl function and just want to send IQ data and receive them


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