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ADV7441A/AD9388A: Gain for analog signals with separate syncs

Question asked by mra on Dec 7, 2011
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We configure ADV7441A/AD9388A in auto graphics mode and RGB 0-255 on the output when we receive analog PC signals (RGB, 0-255, separate syncs) on the analog input. If we use a test generator to generate a white test image (0xffffff) we get 0xf6f6f6 (RGB). 0x000000 gives 0x000000, and it seems to follow the generator, but the gain is to low. Is it possible to adjust the gain for analog RGB with separate syncs? According to the data sheet is Automatic Gain Control only available for signals with embedded syncs, and Color Controls (contrast, saturation, brightness) depends on color space conversion.



          Mats Randgaard