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Choice of ad8232 or ADAS1000-3 chip to take ECG signals

Question asked by on Mar 28, 2018
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I am currently developing a device that analyzes the ECG signals to basically study the bit rate. I am using the AD8232, but I have been evaluating the possibility of changing to the ADAS1000-3, but looking in its datasheet I found a part that indicates that it has an internal ADC of 14 bits, but in the technical specification of the gain configuration it appears 19 bit of resolution.
My problem is this, I am using an AD8232 that is connected to a 16-bit ADC and I have a total gain of 1800. If I use the ADAS1000-3 my resolution in the ADC and the gain will be lower?
Thank you for your answer.
This is my concern for the moment.