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Question asked by khal on Dec 7, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2011 by vinodbableshwar


I am trying to connect an external ADC and an external DAC (i.e. different from what came with the EZ kit for blackfin), while the ADC side (which is connected to BF592 through SPI) seems to work fine. The DAC which is connected to BF592 through SPORT1 does not seem to do the right thing.

  • The ADC (as mentioned above) is connected to the BF592 via SPI1 bus and a DMA has been setup successfully that get a frame before interrupt. This seems to work fine when I am reading from one channel yet when I program the sequencer and switch to 2D DMA the whole thing just freezes. My ADC is AD7689.
  • The DAC which is connected to the BF592 via SPORT1, seems to send the correct stuff to the DAC but nothing seems to happen. I had this DAC working before through SPI0 but when switching to SPORT1 nothing seems to happen. Adding to the DAC problem, is the when DMA is used, no signalling takes place. My DAC is AD5664.


I was wonding whether you have any code that shows:

  • BF (not necessary the one I am using) setup with an external ADC through SPI and is using 2D DMA. Having a sequencer setup properly seems to be key in 2D DMA reading the correct channel and organising it in the 2D DMA buffer, so if you have any example that includes a sequencer that would be great.
  • BF code that communicates with an external DAC via SPORT and is DMA based, then that would be great.


Many thanks