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Measuring RSSI through No-OS driver

Question asked by s.kannan on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by s.kannan

We are using ad9364 in our custom board with No-OS drivers. I connected the input signal at port RxB(Rx B balanced mode) and didn't change any RSSI parameters(as defined in ad9364 init structure) and used the get_rssi() API to read back the RSSI(=symbol/multiplier.symbol%multiplier). But its returning 0 always. The restart mode is 3(whenever gain changes). I'm changing the level of my input signal and the hardware gain is changing(it is in fast attack mode) but why the RSSI is not reading anything(I get the symbol and preamble of 0 and multiplier of 100)?

I also run the rssi_gain_step_calib. Still no use.

Is there anything I should configure?