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Question related to FMCADC4, ZC706, libiio and AD9234

Question asked by NilsMinor on Mar 27, 2018
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I started a project where I want to build a measurement system based on ADI HDL framework and AD9234 Eval Board, using a Zynq device (xc7z030ffg676-1 ).  I use only one converter of the AD9234 means 4 x Serdes = 5 GBit/S JESD204b clock right? Related to my task I have some questions.


I started by building an example project, the fmcadc4. There are 2 AD9680 Converters used. As i understood, controlling is same like AD9234 right? I also Attatched a pdf of the IPs and the overview for my questions.


- Should I use util_fmcadc4_xcvr for my project or should I build one by my own? How can I generate this for my project/board?

- I only want to use one AD9234 converter and also only one channel. Can I drop stuff like (util_bsplit and second ad9680 core) to optimize it for my application?

- what is axi_ad9680_cpack good for?

- What signals do I realy need to implement? There are some GPIOs and interrupt pins, also AXI-IIC is used in this project, but is this really used or only as example for the zc706 board?

- What is the task of the axi_ad9680_dma IP?

- For my ADC I only need the signals rd_data [0:3] and rx_sysref_0 right? What is on rx_data_7_p ?


I know i have a lot of questions. I am thankful for any hint of you guys


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