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UDP Packets using LwIP on BF537

Question asked by ALICCI on Mar 27, 2018

Dear all, I'm trying to implement a SIP stack on BF537 EZKIT board, and after discarding solutions comprising uClinux on BF537 - cause it is totally deprecated, and I have a lot of difficults in building a uClinux distro - I'm going to write a SIP stack on my own, based on LwIP software stacks, provided by VisualDSP.

My difficult is to "enlarge" the size of the UDP packets, both rx and in tx, because untill 500 and something byte it works good, but a SIP message is about 800 bytes, and I can't understand where I can enlarge the packet size, or how can I use the IP fragmentation for UDP messages. I am using the LwIP software stack for the BF537 EZKit, provided by VisualDSP.

Thank you very much for your support,