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World-wide parts shortage of Linear Technology parts.

Question asked by on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Fil

I like and have used a number of Linear technology parts.  We just tried to build a board I designed in 2017 that implements 8 Linear parts.  3 of the 8 (LTC2875HDD#PBF, LTC7103HUHE#PBF, and LT8631IFE#PBF) are on worldwide backorder with no inventory at any distributor.  2 of those 3 (LT8631IFE#PBF and LTC7103HUHE#PBF) have no inventory at any distributor for any temp grade, leaving no alternate parts at all.  Linear quoted 10 and 15 week lead times.  Linear used to keep consistent stock of everything at places like digikey.  This never happened to me with Linear parts before.  We are crippled until I design out the linear parts for something more available, which I can do much faster than 15 weeks.  I read Analog is closing at least one of Linear's fabs.  Is Analog strategically changing the supplier strategy of linear to minimize distributor inventory?  What's really going on?