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ADAU1467 Sample rate converter problem

Question asked by Robin on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by DaveThib

I am facing a strange problem with the ASRC in the ADAU1467 ( system sample rate is set to 192 kHz).
If I apply an audio signal to the SPDIF input with 192 kHz, it does not work.
As soon as I slightly change the incoming sample rate to values below 192 kHz or even above 192 kHz (tested up to 216 kHz and therefoe beyond the spec), it works fine. In this case we use an APx555 as source for testing.
If we set the DSP to 96 kHz instead of 192 kHz then the ASRC easily accepts an identical sample rate on its input.

Any idea what could be the problem?