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ADV7280A to ADV7393 interfacing

Question asked by Bivin on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by GuenterL


 1)Regarding ADV7280A to ADV7393 interfacing through FPGA, kindly let me know what is the output format or standard of ADV7280A when used with I1P function and PAL 576i as input.Is it ITU-R BT.656 or ITU-R BT1362 or others.

2)Also is it possible to feed output of ADV7280A used with I2P function through FPGA to ADV7393 without changing format.

3)If the input to ADV7280A is 640x480 active pixel format then to which standard the output be produced. Is there any feature to get only active pixels as data out from ADV7280A.