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ADP5091 the voltage of BAT and SYS

Question asked by Terumasa on Mar 27, 2018
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Please let me know your advice  the relationship and SYS and BAT of ADP5091.


The datasheet Rev.A P.16 " FIgure 41 Fast Cold Start-Up sequence" describes that
the voltage of BAT and SYS become the same value  and these voltage are increased together.
( Please refer to attachment's red circle )


Accutually, the voltage of BAT is lower than that of SYS as "Figure 21  Startup with Empty 100 μF Capacitor."

 Could you teach me why the voltage of BAT and SYS  at this timing are differed ?


This is appeared at BAT=1.5V, SYS= about 2.2~ 2.3V  in our test result.

We thought  that the voltage difference is large  unlike  figure 21.
So, please let me know your advice  if there is any problem  when the difference is large.