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adv7611 video id codes?

Question asked by on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by PoornimaSubramani

i'm using adv7611 my own board.


I tested the 480i RGB input with two devices.
The STDI readback values for both devices approximated the BL, LCF, LCVS, and FCL values of the 525i input shown in Table 47 of the UG-180 document.

(BL = 14550, LCF = 261, LCVS = 3, FCL = 1866)


However, the pixel repetition values shown in Table 7 show different values for the two devices, and the adv7611 output has different output widths as shown below.


Device 1. Pixel Repetition = 0, output  = 1440x240

Device 2. Pixel Repetition = 1, output  = 720x240



I am wondering why the other outputs are both 480i inputs.
I doubt whether it relates to the Video ID Codes shown in Table 7.
So I want to read Video ID codes, but I do not know how to read this.

How do I get Video ID codes?
Which register should I read to get the Video ID code?