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ZC706 fmcomms5 Petalinux device driver and devicetree

Question asked by on Mar 27, 2018
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I use ZC706 development board to add fmcomms5, ZC706 in petalinux 2016.2, I use HDL fmcomms5 and zc706 project in github and then use xcomm_zynq_4_4 linux kernel in gtihub replacing petalinux kernel,  then I change  adi-fmcomms5.dts and adi-fmcomms3-up-down-converter.dtsi (two dtsi files from zhe kernel arc/arm/boot/dts)and add to the project subsystems/Linux/configs/device-tree , and modify the zynq - 7000.dtsi  and system-top.dts part parameters, see appendix for relevant documents.

Then, I generated the BOOT. bin and image.ub file through the petalinux command, and copied to the SD card to insert ZC706 into the power operation, and the result was stuck in the figure below.

AD9361 init failed

I think there are some mistakes about devicetree.I hope someone can help me with them.



Thaks !