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Pure tin content in AD packages

Question asked by gabriel_sapinto on Mar 27, 2018

Hello, recently I contacted Analog Support for reliability data on some part numbers. However those reports state that the component has a different lead finish than the one specified on their website. 

For example ADF4360 has a NiPdAuAg Lead Finish in the reliability report, but in Analog Devices' website it's stated as 100%Sn

My questions are: 

-Has the package finish changed since the report was created?

-Are there alternative packages to the component (pure tin free) or are the packages currently in the website the only ones available?

-Does the reliability report still apply if the lead finish has changed since the report?


I've submitted these questions following the request for the reliability reports but I got no answer and this is urgent.

I will attach the reports I mentioned.

Thanks in advance